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Edible insects on Deliveroo?

For one week in November 2017, we partnered with Deliveroo to provide the first insect food delivery service the West had seen.

The Ultimate Insect Cookbook

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When Grub went to cambridge – downing may ball 2015

At the start of the year we had an enquiry come out of the blue via our website. Cambridge university were putting on their yearly [...]

cooking with insects: roasting

Here at Grub we thought it’s about time we started sharing some of our cooking techniques with you. We’ve been busy in the kitchen and [...]

London ate insects – and they loved it! By Seb Holmes

Well, well, well where do I start? Firstly I’d like to once again apologise for my consistently inconsistent blogging nature. ‘Articuleat’ – my personal blog [...]

Designing an insect based menu, by Seb Holmes

The last few months have been quite monumental in my so far short-lived (hopefully) career as a chef. Now I know throughout life people always [...]