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Edible insects and the UNFAO

May 1, 2014

That’s the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. And they are big advocates for the human consumption of edible insects.

The UNFAO, an agency within the United Nations, leads international efforts into defeating world hunger. No wonder they love eating insects! Not only do these creatures provide an environmentally sustainable alternative to our traditional meats but they also pack some serious nutritional content.

The UNFAO love the idea so much, they’ve written a 201 page report into why the West should start introducing edible insects into their diet…and join the rest (80{e22e6aedff5e38d91c0a19c95f1b1c60988eef15dbec6ba65a655bbe267d2fba}) of the world’s nations in realising the potential of this underused food source.

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to read the whole thing…

So we’ve found this helpful infographic that summarises it for you. Everyone loves an infographic!

Edible insects chart