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Cricket Powered Energy Bar: Orange & Red Berries

Deliciously Fruity
  • Source of Protein
  • High Fibre
  • Gluten, nut, dairy & soy free
  • No added sugar
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Eat Grub bar: A delicious and wholesome tasting energy bar with the sweetness of cranberries, goji berries and orange zest. Made from all natural ingredients, our bars are gluten, nut, dairy and soy free with no added sugar. A good source of protein and fibre – let these cricket powder bars fuel your day.

Ingredients: Juice Infused Cranberries (22.3%), Sunflower Seeds (16.4%), Currants (12.3%), Chopped Dates (9.8%), Gluten Free Oatbran (9.8%), Goji Berries (7.9%), Pumpkin Seeds (5.9%), Vegetable Glycerine (5.5%), Cricket Protein Powder (5.1%), Water (4.7%), Natural Orange Flavour (0.3%)

 Allergy Info: If you are allergic to shellfish, you may be allergic to insects as well

Made in the UK

Per 100g Per 36g bar
Energy 1647Kj 593Kj
394Kcal 142Kcal
Protein 11.8g 4.3g
Carbohydrate 57.6g 20.7g
of which sugars 34.6g 12.4g
Fat total 14.6g 5.3g
of which saturates 1.7g 0.6g
Fibre 6.8g 2.5g
Salt 0.2g 0.1g