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Recipe by Marcus Leach
Twitter: @marcusleachfood

Photography by Sander Jurkiewicz

The very first insect dish I ate was a rustic caterpillar stir-fry in Zambia, cooked with the most basic of provisions. Fast forward several years and this grasshopper stir fry dish pays homage to that first experience and the realisation that insects can make a great meal.

grasshopper stir fry


1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees before preparing the grasshoppers. To do this take off the wings and legs and place on a baking tray. They will need about about eight minutes to turn golden brown, but check on them half way through as they can burn very quickly.

2. Whilst the grasshoppers are roasting prepare all of your vegetables for the stir fry and add them to a hot wok with the coconut oil. Cook on a high heat for four minutes.

3. Once the grasshoppers are roasted add to a bowl and mix with the sesame oil and seeds before adding to the wok with the vegetables. Toss all of the ingredients to ensure they are well mixed and serve. Garnish with freshly chopped chili and coriander and serve.