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Our insects

Where do you get your insects from?

We try and source out insects as locally as possible, with the majority supplied from farms in Holland. By doing this, it makes our process more environmentally-friendly, adding to insects’ sustainability credentials.

Why should I eat insects?

They are the food of the future! As the population continues to grow at the current rate and the level of meat consumption stays so high, we need an alternative and more sustainable source of protein.

All insects have different nutritional profiles, crickets can contain 69% protein and have all nine essential amino acids. They are high in fibre and vitamin B12, as well as being a great source of iron, calcium and Omega 3 and 6.

As they need a fraction of land, feed and water to be farmed, they are a very attractive alternative source of protein.

What are Eat Grub's insects fed on?

Eat Grub’s worms and crickets are fed a combination of cereals and carrots. Our grasshoppers are fed grass and bran, making our insects tasty and nutritious.

Are Eat Grub’s insects safe to eat?

Our insects are reared specifically for human consumption and that is why they have a diet fit for human beings.

How are the insects killed?

The crickets are put into a freezer, which shuts their system down, before they are dried or roasted and ground into a powder.

Are they vegan/vegetarian?

No. However, depending on people’s reasons for being vegetarian, they may be okay with eating insects (for example, environmental reasons).

Are they Organic?

Our insects do not come from organic certified farms, however, we ensure our insects are only fed natural veg and grains.

Our products

What are your Eat Grub bars free from?

The Red Berries & Orange and the Cacao & Coconut bars are nut, dairy, soy free/gluten free. The Blueberry & Almond is free from all of the above except from nuts.

Why are your Eat Grub bars only 12% protein?

As an energy bar, they are not supposed to be as high in protein as a protein bar. These bars are 4:1 (Carb to Protein) making them good for endurance sports, before going to the gym, an afternoon snack etc.

How many crickets are in each Eat Grub bar?

There are about 15-20 crickets in each bar (but they are roasted and milled into a fine powder).

Do you lose some of the nutrients during the process of making the Cricket Protein Powder?

No, the cricket powder is tested after the process has already been conducted. The ingredients, for the bars, are then cold pressed together (instead of cooking them) to avoid losing any nutrients.

What breed are the insects that Eat Grub use?

Crickets – Acheta Domesticus (the house cricket)

Mealworms – Tenebrio Molitor

Buffalo worms – Alphitobius Diaperinus

Grasshoppers – Locusta Migratoria

How do I cook the insects?

There are many different methods of cooking insects. For information as well as some great recipes you can try, visit our Recipes page. There is even an opportunity for you to send in your own tasty creations, with a chance of winning a prize.


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Allergy advice!

Insects are a great food, but they may not agree with everyone! If you are allergic to shellfish, you may be allergic to insects as well.