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Eat Grub’s mission

to convince the West to embrace insects as a food source is a challenge

and one that we couldn’t overcome without good friends. People who love an adventure, whether it is running 10,000 miles in a year or cycling the Alps, especially when it’s fuelled by insect power. They are the revolutionaries and if you want to join them, contact us here

Sebby Holmes

Sebby Holmes Chef

One thing I’ve never understood is why people think of ‘insects’ as one entity. There are in fact over 2,000 known edible insects on the planet, and each and every one has its own distinctive qualities and flavours. It’s a whole new food world to explore and experiment with.

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Tim Trealor Cutout

Tim Treloar Adventurer

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Stef Jackson Horner Aquathlete

Stef Jackson Horner Athlete

PE teacher by day International Aquathlete by night. Currently training for the world championships 2018.

I love the Eat Grub concept as I like being able to up the protein content of any meal when I need to.

Nutrition has to play a huge part in my day and I need to refuel with not only what my body needs to repair from yesterday but also that will keep me going through a long day at work and an evening of hard training.

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