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Eat Grub’s mission

is to convince the West to embrace insects as a food source.

It's going to be a challenge, and one that we couldn’t overcome without good friends. People who love an adventure, whether it is running 10,000 miles in a year or cycling the Alps, especially when it’s fuelled by insect power. They are the revolutionaries and if you want to join them, contact us here

Wing Sum Wong Queen of The Climb

President of London Ladies Climb - London's women-only climbing club which organises and hosts events to empower female climbers.

Wing was also the climber featured on the adidasWomen 'Meet the Creators' YouTube series, which is an online series interviewing women in major cities around the world who are changing their city.

"The world is not flat and some of the best views are from the top of mountains, I choose to climb as a way to manage my bipolar disorder and to achieve mindfulness"

Wing's favourite flavour is Cacao & Coconut bar, to keep her energy up throughout the day.

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Tim Treloar Survival Expert / Adventurer

Tim is an adventurer and survival expert. He is a qualified Mountain leader, Cave leader, Climbing, Canoeing, Kayaking instructor and has used his skills on a number of high profile expeditions.

He works on TV on programmes such as Britain's Biggest Adventures with Bear Grylls and as a co-presenter on the BAFTA winning 'Survival School with Bear Grylls'.

Tim has also completed a range of extreme adventure challenges for charities like Macmillan and Help for Heroes. One challenge, fuelled by Eat Grub bars, saw him running, self-supported, six marathons in five days across the Atacama desert in Chile.

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Stef Jackson-Horner GB Aquathlete

Stef has the spirit water flowing through her!

Flying the GB flag at the 2018 World Aquathlon Championships. We are stoked to be able to feed her fuel up!

Stef is a hardcore athlete, and has completed some truly gruelling tests of endurance. Stef uses Eat Grub bars, to keep her flying from test to test.

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Martin Heald GB Paraclimber

Martin Heald - an extreme climber and a true inspiration.

GB paraclimber, AL2 British champion and GB Amputee footballer. Is there anything this man can't do?

We asked Martin, which Eat Grub product he liked best, and how he uses it - "Has to be the cranberry and orange bar! I usually just eat them... before or during to keep me going!"

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Paul Suggit Ultra Adventurer

Paul is an adventure extremist, and you'll probably see him coming! (look out for the hat)

"Eat Grub bars and shakes powered me through 10,000 miles of walking, running and riding a bike around mainland Britain over the course of 336 days in 2017, and they are continuing to power me in 2018.

Eat Grub bars and shakes are an essential part of my adventure kit and they help provide the fuel needed to maintain my energy levels on often gruelling days."


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Massimo Faccini Extreme Mountain Biker / Freeride Skier

Massimo / Max is our most recent ambassador to join the tiny revolution, all the way from Italy!

An extreme mountain biker and freeride skier. Max spends his time immersed in nature, winding his way down the mountain (while striking fear into the rest of us)

Max's sport is MTB and is taking part in Enduro, the International Championship for mountain biking. We hope that he becomes kind of the Mountain!

Here's what Max had to say about using our cricket powered energy bars -

"I like a lot the cricket powered energy bars, they are so tasty. They have excellent nutrients, and don't contain any nasties. They are perfect for the long endurance competitions, they are great fuel and sources of energy. I mainly eat them in the transfer between challenges / training."

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Alex Hughes Veteran Paratrooper & Personal Trainer

Alex is a veteran British Paratrooper who has served in various hostile environments throughout the world.

Currently Alex isrunning his personal training business in Chelsea/Fulham London. He is a boxing and strength and sports conditioning coach.

His fitness roots comes from boxing and he has competed with a great record.

Alex has a taste for Muay Thai after a training camp Thailand.

In his spare time he likes to travel, learn German, but most importantly spend time with family and friends.

Alexander is scared of heights but loves being out outside his comfort zone...being uncomfortable is when he feels comfortable.

"The most amazing place I have been to, is Indonesia. This place offers climbing mountains, to surfing, water sports. The place is basically one big adventure, the people are amazing too."

"Eat grub I apply after my workouts, after a hard strength session my body is crying out for fuel, I help my muscle recover with a cricket shake which ain’t that bad to be honest mixed with a banana and oats. It’s delightful, try it!"

Wonderful to have you on board Alex! Strong and positive vibes, everyday from this guy. Grub love!

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Sanna Kaivantola Snowboarding Nature Girl

"I love roadtrips & outdoor life!
My favorite activities are every kind of board sports (snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, SUP/paddle boarding....), climbing, cross-country running, dogs and adventures!

My "official profession" is a practical nurse but I'm trying to do and study more and more outdoor based things..
I use the bars to bring good vibes and energy to my active lifestyle. I really love the fact that the bars have been produced environmentally friendly way using insects as a source of protein. I have been trying to eat and learn more about sustainable produced food to do my own little effort to take care of our beautiful planet 🙂
And the bars taste extremely good with berries and other flavours!!

My favorite one is blueberry & almond!"

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Peter Redwood-Smith Long distance runner, adventurer

Forget the naked chef... meet the naked runner!

A bit about you?
Peter Redwood-Smith, 24 years old, from Essex UK. Long distance runner, adventurer, motivational speaker. I started running in 2017 to battle anxiety and depression, I have pushed myself physically, mentally and hopefully my story has inspired others. Pride of Britain nominee for my fundraising efforts for charity.

What do you love to do?
I love running, travelling, I’m one for pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and trying new exciting things on a regular basis.

Any events / achievements?
Completed a fifty two week challenge consisting of running a minimum of fifty two races in a year, I finished my challenge ahead of schedule with an extra race under my belt. Ultramarathons, marathons, adventure races and more. I have some really exciting things in the pipeline for the future, including a two hundred kilometre race through the jungles of Panama in 2020.

How or when you use Eat Grub bars?
I enjoy a Eat Grub bar whilst on the go, as well post work out. They’re fantastic, I love what Eat Grub are hoping to achieve with producing more sustainable products!

Tell us what's your flavour?
Orange and Red Berries are my favourite, they are absolutely delicious, if you haven’t already tried one. What’s stopping you?

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Jussa Loueniva Ultimate Outdoor Man

Jussa is very much in touch with nature, and as often as the seasons change so does the sport. Living in Finland, Jussa makes the most of his surroundings, smashing through snow in the winter and gliding on the water in the summer.

We got to know Jussa a little better -

"What is your sport?"

"I snowboard and ski, I also wakeboard and kiteboard and some wannabe surfing mainly... seasons change and come every season there are many different possibilities for fun, so why not enjoy them all as much as you can? =)"

"Why do you enjoy snowboarding?" 

"I feel free, get restored and just enjoy being in the moment. It is a great way to express yourself through the sport and at the same time get refreshed, forget all your worries in that moment and just go with the flow. All the different sports combine these things. particularly in snow ports you can be very close to nature. Skitouring for example allows you to take it all in and this adds to the good feeling, for me."

"What is your favourite Eat Grub product, and how to you incorporate them into your life?"

"The Coconut & Cacao bar is handy... as are all the bars, they are unique and taste delicious too! Cricket powder is rivalling the bars as my favourite, but the powder has a different usage... I eat the bars usually when I'm hungry during or after a session, it's an easy and fast way to get energy and protein in a more sustainable way. I like to use the cricket powder when I'm at home... adding a little pinch to my breakfast or snack when needed (or just for the taste) the taste gets better the more you use it, now I'm hooked!"

We are so stoked to have Jussa on board our tiny revolution, he's down to earth and loves the earth... Grub love to you Jussa!

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Yvie Johnson Endurance Athlete / Mental Health Advocate

Yvie is a self-described Creative & Mindful Adventurer who turns to exercise, nature and creativity to manage her Bipolar Disorder. She ran the length of Great Britain twice in 2016 (LEJOGLE) to raise the profile of her condition, and to showcase that a diagnosis is not the end of your extraordinary self.

A fell runner, hockey player and former GB Age Group triathlete, Yvie is setting off around Wales in 2018 to take on five multi-sport endurance challenges for YoungMinds. She will be running, hiking, wild camping, cycling, open water swimming and sea-kayaking, whilst meeting with folk en route for interviews in locations such as the Snowdon summit, the Wales Coast Path and Offa’s Dyke Path, and learning how they use the outdoors for their mental wellbeing.

Naturally, Yvie will be snacking on Eat Grub bars along the way to keep her fuelled, focused, and smiling.

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Teemu Oksanen Ultra Runner

Introducing Teemu! Fresh from Finland... Teemu doesn't just know he way around an 80k run, but he also has mad skills behind the lens too. Which is ideal, as we can all see how beautiful nature around him is!

A bit about you?

I am an Ultrarunner, outdoor enthusiast and professional photographer.

What do you love to do?

I love to trail run and explore new places by foot - and of course take photos in amongst those places!

Any events / clubs / achievements you would like to shout about?

No big achievements. Just top ten finishes in 80k races. just getting ready for the 134k ultra race.

How do you use the bars? 

I've been using the bars as snacks at work and after training. I will start using the bars at my long runs and ultra races - when you are running for 10 - 20 hours, you need to eat a lot.

What is your favourite flavour?

My favourite flavour is the Coconut & Cacao.

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Jessica Robson Running Addict

We're pretty sure Jessica has got all of the good vibes! The energy and positivity makes her a joy to have on board our tiny revolution.

Jessica - "I'm a London - based self - confessed running addict. Running helped pull me out of a very dark place, and my goal is now to maintain my own mental health through the act of running and help support others and themselves in the same way."

We asked the silly question - What do you love to do?Of course this was answered with "RUN!" but also Jessica loves to "lift heavy things. And eat...lots" < girl after our own hearts.

Why running? "Running was initially great for weight loss, but it soon transpired that it was the very thing that provided me with the self-efficacy and esteem that I was so desperately craving. The euphoria of runners high is fantastic, but the long-term benefits of running on my motivation levels and confidence have helped keep depression and anxiety at bay and I will be forever grateful for that."

Jessica says (in a very casual manner) she has ran marathons and is very active in the RunThrough events throughout the year. she is currently training for the Amsterdam and NYC marathons in Autumn.

Powered by crickets, Jessica's favourite bar is the Orange & Red Berry which she uses as a post work out pick-me-up.

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Teddie Buckley Mountaineer

Meet Teddie Buckley, the ultimate outdoor man! We've been working with Teddie for a few months now alongside our mutual friend My Adventure Hub < check them out.

A bit about you?

I’m a mountaineer and an ocean lover.

What do you love to do?

I love to spend as much time outside as possible either it being in the mountains or on the water but sometimes a good walk in the fields can do it. My friends say I’m crazy and my family call me insane but I seem to love hanging off cliffs.

But if you had to choose?

Climbing is my main passion but who doesn’t love some down time by the coast.

Why Eat Grub over other bars?

I think insects are a way forward in reducing the amount of methane in the earths atmosphere and I think its such a groovy way forward. I love Eat Grubs Bars and I never leave home without some.

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Josh Edwards Strongman

Wow... just, wow. How on earth does he do it? NO IDEA but we are super happy to represent this strongman!

A bit about you?

My names is Josh Edwards, I started competing in Strongman only two years ago, and I have gained a load of experience which has helped me progress to the strength athlete I am today.


Any events / clubs / achievements you would like to shout about?

I'm currently a Wales Strongest Man and Elite British Strongman final competitor.

Why choose Eat Grub?

With the help of new protein source I can progress further and reach my goals. I found bugs are a new way to gain my protein and nutritional intake and I would like to spread the way of the bug around to other Strongman competitors.

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Max Miner Extreme Climber

Max is a 26 year old extreme climber from Canada.

Alongside scaling kilometres of rock face, Max is currently finishing his Master's Degree in Finland. Developing new radio active drugs for imaging various brain cancers (he'd better keep that helmet secure!)

Max has been climbing for the past 9 years, he has worked as head coordinator and instructor for both an extensive youth programme and adult climbing class.

Regaining his strength after a 2 year battle with Lyme Disease, Max is pushing himself hard to beat his previous strength and goals.

Despite numerous setbacks, Max has a "It could be worse" attitude, said with a smile. We are proud to be supporting him on his future climbs, Max has some pretty hardcore plans for Norway from July and August.

As you can see Max enjoys our cricket powered energy bars during the climb to keep him fuelled and energised throughout the climb. We're pretty sure one or two have been snaffled on the road too!

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Ed Shannon Professional Squash Player

Ed has been playing squash since the age of three!

Picked for the England training Squad at the age of 14, he went on the become South West Area Champion that same year.

After graduating Uni, Ed went on to play squash professionally in Holland. He has taken part in tournaments in Latvia, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

Ed is back in York, England now. He has won the York championships twice! Making him the finest squash player in York.

Ed is currently ranked 478 in the World, and looks to be on course to becoming top 100 ranked within the next three years.

"Just to give a little background about squash. It is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. It topped the charts of sports for most calories burned per hour of play. It has been called high-speed chess as it is a very tactical game that involves manoeuvring a ball and your opponent around a court looking to create openings and break your opponent down!"

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Bethany Robinson Crossfit & Athlete

This girl can lift!

Meet Bethany Robsinson our Ambassador powered by crickets and all the positive vibes.

I'm a Crossfit athlete and weightlifter, I compete regularly and I've secured 11 podium finishes since starting in 2017 both individually and as part of a team. I also use my functional fitness kayaking, coasteering, swimming and hiking all over the beautiful Cornish countryside. I'm also an advocate for mental health and well-being, having lost 7 stone since starting Crossfit and turned my own mental health around.

I love the bars as my mid morning snack (second breakfast- i think I'm secretly a hobbit) and my favorite flavor is blueberry. However of all the eat grub products i love the roasted whole crickets the most, they remind me of my travels around south east asia with the added bonus of fitting my macros.

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Mark Roberts Outdoor Adventurer

We asked outdoor enthusiast Mark Roberts who he is, and what he does...

"My name is Mark Roberts I’m a Scout leader, bushcraft and survival enthusiast and all round adventurer. My main goal is encouraging children to get outside more and live by the quote Explore, Dream, Discover. I feel most at home on the mountains and hills of my two favourite areas the Scottish highlands and the Derbyshire Peak District. I’ll often sleep wild on the hills and mountains under the stars and watch the sunrise and sunset. I have slept on top of snowdon and sunmited Ben Nevis at night. I aim to expedition to Everest base camp in 2020. I am a keen mountain biker and have done several charity rides. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 17 but have used adventure, the wilderness and outdoor pursuits to manage and deal with the condition and aim to inspire people with the condition not to let it hold you back. When mountaineering it’s often hard to stop for long periods to eat so it’s best to eat little and often to keep energy high so Eat Grub products are perfect for me snacking on crickets or a energy bar mid morning are what keeps me going! I love to use my YouTube channel and blog to share my adventures and my love of cooking outside where I cook dishes in unusual awkward places to demonstrate if I can do it there you can certainly do it in the kitchen."

We'll be serving up the grub to Mark, so he can take it on the wild side!

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Healthy Ronin Nutrition Blogger

A bit about me:

My name is James, and I'm a health/nutrition blogger, and founder of! I take great pride in my work and have a strong passion for the content and knowledge I share. One of my favourite things in the world is nature, and for that reason, I try to promote a natural lifestyle, too!

What I love to do:

First and foremost, I love to work on my blog! Sharing the content that I create, and getting to help others is extremely rewarding!
Apart from that, my hobbies include running, cooking, reading, studying, foraging, and spending time in nature! I love to get outdoors and into the countryside, particularly with friends and family 🙂

Why is health and nutrition so important to me?
Health and nutrition is on my biggest passions to learn about, teach about, and of course apply in everyday life! In the modern world, illness and poor health are by no means uncommon. And one of the major problems is that most healthcare systems are focused almost entirely on the treatment of ailments, rather than the prevention of illness and preservation of good health and genetic wealth!

I have seen myself and those around me be negatively affected by this, and that was in part my motivation. Through many hours of study and reading, learning and applying, I have come to understand that nutrition is single-handedly one of the most misunderstood and overlooked aspects of a healthy and happy life. By creating Healthy Ronin I can help others understand the importance of eating and drinking properly, and share with them the knowledge and tools necessary to make positive changes for themselves, for others, and also for the planet!

How do I use the Eat Grub products?

My entire relationship with entomophagy so far has mostly been for healthy snacks! But, as my physical training increases, I intend to use Eat Grub products as a way to boost my energy and performance levels (particularly as those runs get longer!).

My favourite flavour / product?

Personally, I find myself with a liking for simple, yet healthy food! The raw or plain Eat Grub ingredients would be my favourite products, they're just as nature intended and are versatile! 🙂 But, the energy bars would be a good boost for future long-distance runs, for sure.

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