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Mealworm, Parmesan & Chive Omelette

Cricket, Cinnamon & Maple Granola

Mealworm & Mixed Berry Smoothie

Roasted Cricket Bombay Mix

Cricket & Bean Taco

cricket flour banana pancakes

grasshopper stir-fry


Mealworm Flour tortilla Chips with Salsa

crispy vermicelli noodle salad with yellow bean, lime and buffalo worm sauce

Baked cricket and mushroom nut loaf

Grasshoppers, chestnut mushrooms and pancetta risotto

Cricket Flour Sours

Grasshopper and Maltose Porridge

Sticky Crickets

Cherry Tomato, Mascarpone and Grasshopper Pasta Sauce

Tomato Soup Topped with Smoky BBQ Crunchy Roasted Crickets

Red Curry Cricket Rice Cakes with Chilli and Garlic Dipping Sauce

Cricket Flour and Condensed Milk Boozy Coffee

Cricket Protein Enriched Brownie

Roasted Tomato and Pancetta Pizza with Cricket Flour Dough

cricket powder and lime energy balls

Crickets with pandanus leaf

cricket powder and red berry smoothie

buffalo worm macaroni cheese

cricket powder banana bread

mealworm margarita

chocolate cherry cricket brownies

spicy grasshoppers with beansprouts

buffalo worm fried rice

cricket and mushroom stroganoff

malaysian style cricket jemput-jemput

mealworm flapjacks

a beginners guide to roasting insects

coconut & cricket rice cakes with chilli & garlic sauce

buffalo worm praline

curried tempura grasshoppers with sweet chilli sauce

garlic buffalo worm salad