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Cricket Powder

Cricket Flour and Condensed Milk Boozy Coffee

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01 Heat the condensed milk slowly in the pan, then add the cricket flour and stir until mixed in.

02 Heat your cups with some boiling water and discard the water, then pour in the whiskey and coffee.

Serve the coffee hot with the hot cricket flour and condensed milk mixture on the side. Add to the coffee, stir through and enjoy.


  • 150ml/5fl oz/⅔ cup condensed milk
  • 20g/¾oz/scant ¼ cup cricket flour
  • 50ml/1¾fl oz/ scant ¼ cup whiskey
  • 200ml/7fl oz/ scant 1 cup filter coffee

Eat Grub are stirring things up in the kitchen, adding edible insects to your favourite dishes! Grub’s Up is a series of recipes for you to try at home. Today we present our Cricket Flour and Condensed Milk Boozy Coffee. Rich, Indulgent and perfect a perfect treat our edible insects are the perfect addition to this classic cocktail. Crickets are not only delicious they are also packed full of high quality nutrients. Crickets are an excellent source of protein, fibre, Omegas 3&6, iron, calcium, Vit B12 plus many more micronutrients. This will elevate the nutritional good stuff in any plant-based dish.

That’s not all. The nutrients in edible insects are completely sustainable. Insects require a fraction of the land, resources and energy compared to traditional livestock. However, you get the same nutritional benefits.

Our favourite thing about this dish is it’s so simple and very quick. So making healthier choices with a busy schedule even easier. We think this is a dish for two, but hey who’s judging? You can eat the whole lot, completely guilt free. Or keep some for lunch the next day.

Chicory has been added to coffee across Europe and the USA for years, originally as a bulking agent when coffee supplies were scarce during the world wars. Nowadays, it’s used to give coffee a chocolatey edge and is particularly popular in Italy and New Orleans. This recipe attempts to reproduce the flavour, only using insects. The nuttiness of the cricket flour paired with the sweetness of the condensed milk makes this boozy coffee and excellent digestif.

Serves 2-3

We will be adding plenty more of our videos and recipes to keep things fresh, for you. We have created recipes using each of our Eat Grub edible insects. So you can try a dish for grasshoppers, buffalo worms, mealworms, crickets and cricket powder. We believe that adding edible insects to familiar dishes will make insects a staple in your diet. Once you taste how delicious insects are, and reap the nutritional rewards you will never go back. For more inspiration check out our other insect recipes.

Now that you love cooking with edible insects, help us spread the grub love further. Show your friends and family! You can give them our discount code – grublove for 15% of their order to get them started.