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Cricket PowderMealworms

Mealworm & Mixed Berry Smoothie

recipe information

01 add all ingredients into a food processor / blender

02 blend until smooth

03 serve with fresh basil



  • fresh basil
  • 15g mealworms
  • 15g cricket powder
  • 350ml almond milk
  • 2 cups mixed berries, frozen

Eat Grub are stirring things up in the kitchen, adding edible insects to your favourite dishes! Grub’s Up is a series of step-by-step recipe videos for you to try at home. Here it is – the second in our Grub’s Up series and it’s our oh-so-smooth mealworm & mixed berry smoothie.

Today we present our mealworm & mixed berry smoothie. Nutrient rich, filling and wholesome. Oaty in flavour our crickets are the perfect substitute for usual protein powders and supplements. Mealworms are not only delicious they are also packed full of high quality nutrients. Crickets are an excellent source of protein, fibre, Omegas 3&6, iron, calcium, Vit B12 plus many more micronutrients. This will elevate a naughty pancake treat into the breakfast of champs.

That’s not all. The nutrients in insects are completely sustainable. Insects require a fraction of the land, resources and energy compared to traditional livestock. However, you get the same nutritional benefits.

Our favourite thing about this dish is it’s so simple and very quick. So making healthier choices with a busy schedule even easier. We think this is a dish for two, but hey who’s judging? You can eat the whole lot, completely guilt free. Or keep some for lunch the next day.

Time to get blending!