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A healthy Alternative

Insects are a complete protein! They contain all nine essential amino acids and include important minerals like iron and calcium…not to mention, they can be up to 69% protein depending on how they are prepared.

why eat insects?

WHo eats insects?

Over 2 billion people worldwide enjoy insects as part of their diet. They are most commonly eaten in Africa, Asia and South America, but we have made it our mission to get more people in Europe embracing insects as food.

why eat insects?


Traditional livestock farming produces more greenhouse gas emissions worldwide than cars do. Insect farming is a far more efficient way to get our protein fix!


Traditional meat production uses 70% of the planet’s cultivable land. Rearing insects can be a far more efficient alternative as they can be farmed vertically.

Less resources used

Insects require just a fraction of the land, water and feed in comparison to traditional livestock, for the same amount of protein. They can also be farmed in virtually any climate or environment!