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Insects – Great for the gut, and other things

For me when we first started Eat Grub back in the middle of 2013 (wow, a long time ago now!) it was about the nutrition side of things rather than the sustainability aspect, which, while is still of great significance is less personal to me.

insects for athletes – a nutrition overview

Take a look at our use case for athletes and see just how insects can slot in from a nutritional stand point. For that we’re going to focus on our Cricket Protein Powder.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Eat Insects

Read all about why we should be embracing insects for the tasty, nutritious and sustainable food they are.

Energy Bars for Cycling

Meet Etienne Georgi, an up and coming star of British Cycling; He’s been using our Eat Grub energy bars for cycling over the last few months [...]

Energy bars for runners – an Eat Grub review

Here at Grub HQ we love speaking to and finding more about who our customers are and what motivates them, and it just so happened [...]

Edible insects and the UNFAO

That’s the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. And they are big advocates for the human consumption of edible insects. - The UNFAO, an agency [...]