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Energy Bars for Cycling

February 6, 2017

Meet Etienne Georgi, an up and coming star of British Cycling; He’s been using our Eat Grub energy bars for cycling over the last few months and we recently took the opportunity to catch up with him to see how he’s been getting on.

Well…. it’s pretty impressive, to say the least! As of 2017 he’s officially one of the new members of Team Wiggins. Team Wiggins was initially founded to help Bradley Wiggins’ transition from road to track cycling in order to facilitate his training for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Since then, Team Wiggins has developed into a professional developmental cycling team. At Grub, we’re really excited to see Etienne progress, and we also wanted to find out how our energy bars for cycling fared. Here’s what he had to say below…

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself just to give the readers a short insight?

I began cycling when we lived in London. My earliest memories of cycling are from Herne Hill velodrome. I was never racing as I was pretty young, I just enjoyed riding round the track and going to the local bmx track. I began racing when we moved up to Bristol as I was now a bit older and my dad had been racing most his life, so this got me into it . Most of my early races were at Castle Coombe motor racing circuit. Our whole family would race; me and my sister in the youth categories and my parents racing the adults handicapped race.

How long have you been cycling for?

I have been cycling for all my life, I was probably on a bike soon after I learnt to walk. Also I have been racing for about 10 years

Do you have a special pre-race process to get in the right mindset mindset?

Most of these are essential to compete but putting numbers on my Jersey always brings me into the mindset of racing. Warming up also focuses you, gets you ready for the race and can help reduce your nerves as you need to focus on something else for a while.

What do you look for in energy bars for cycling?

I like them being easy to eat. The packaging should be easy to open on the move and the good bars don’t need too much chewing as its hard to do this while putting in a lot of effort.

Can you tell us about the toughest sporting experience you’ve ever had?

The toughest time for me wasn’t in a race but training. A couple of years ago I was going out for a normal training ride on the road. I was feeling pretty good so decided that I was going to aim for 100 miles. This was the first time I had done that much, the ride was all on my own and it was pretty hilly. By the time I was at 80 miles my energy levels were dropping quick so I stopped for some food. I only had £1 so bought a pack of cupcakes that were discounted  These were very sugary so I thought it would be good but I ended up feeling sick from it and not having much more energy. The ride probably shouldn’t have been as hard as it was but I didn’t eat early on and I really paid for that later.

What’s your best piece of advice for when the going gets tough?

I guess just stick with it, even if its going bad because it won’t last for ever and you will feel worse by giving up.

How did the Eat grub bars fare when you used them for:

A)  Taste: The first time I had both the flavour bars I wasn’t too sure, probably because I was thinking about the texture with the crickets in them. But I have been using them in training for a good few months and I really like the flavour. They are not too sweet which makes the taste of the ingredients stronger, which I prefer.

B)  Energy: I feel as if they give a good amount of energy without being a big chunky bar. I use them on long rides and they have been as good, if not better than standard energy bars or flapjacks.


So there you have it… if you want to grab some energy bars for cycling, why not head on over to our store.