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Grub pop-up at Monikers

March 17, 2014

From 4 – 8 March 2014, we opened our doors to the public for the first time to treat them to a seven course taster menu straight from the Grub kitchen. We had a beautiful space for our first outing – a converted school which fit perfectly with what we were trying to achieve: an education of the mind as well as the palette.

We were extremely nervous considering we had only tried our dishes on friends and family, who don’t tend to be the harshest critics, but we were overwhelmed by the reaction – both pre and post event. The food was extremely well received and soon people forgot altogether that they were eating insects. Mission accomplished! We never set out to be a gimmick or a novelty; we want to be as sustainable as our products are and that requires people to love our food.

A big thanks needs to go to our wonder chef Seb Holmes, as well as Chang beer and Storm Communications for their support in getting us launched.


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Below are a selection of images from the event. If you came – thank you for being there from the beginning, and if you didn’t – we hope  to see you soon!

The Grub board

Grub pop-up


Cricket Pandanas

edible insects


Nico serving up the crickets

Nico serving up


Looking tasty!



Francisco serving Chang

Francisco serving Chang


Tempura Grasshoppers

Tempura Grasshoppers


Seb and Anita in the kitchen

The Kitchen


Sticky Crickets

Sticky Crickets


Getting stuck in…

Getting stuck in...


 Mealworm Rice Cakes

Mealworm Rice Cakes


Insect Miang goodness

Betel Leaf Goodnesss


Insect Miang, a clear favourite

Betel leaf going down a storm

Insect Miang up close

Insect Miang up close


The edible insect trio

Edible Insect Trio


Spicy Mealworm Rice Cakes

Spicy Mealworm Rice Cakes


Seb plating up the Crispy insect noodles

Our hard at it chef Seb. Crispy citrus insect noodles #ieatgrub


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