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insects for athletes – a nutrition overview

Take a look at our use case for athletes and see just how insects can slot in from a nutritional stand point. For that we’re going to focus on our Cricket Protein Powder.

Reaching the Finnish line

Having just been listed in Finland's largest supermarket, we take a look at why the Finns are embracing the tiny revolution!

Energy Bars for Cycling

Meet Etienne Georgi, an up and coming star of British Cycling; He’s been using our Eat Grub energy bars for cycling over the last few months [...]

Energy bars for runners – an Eat Grub review

Here at Grub HQ we love speaking to and finding more about who our customers are and what motivates them, and it just so happened [...]

The Walk Run Ride Challenge: Paul Suggitt

The start of the year for many of us is the time for a New Year’s resolution or two, and to perhaps embark on a [...]

London Food Tech Week: The Insect Bar

- YFood & EatGrub Co-Host London’s First Insect Bar – at London Food Tech Week - - Designed to awaken our audience to [...]

#ieatgrub Treasure hunt (London)

The hunt is on - - Our Eat Grub bars finally arrived this week and – to celebrate (via a shameless PR stunt) – [...]

The Economist Magazine and insects

-   - Going way back… - The Economist have been writing about the benefits on the world eating insects for quite some time, in [...]

Eat Grub Bar: launched via Kickstarter

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When Grub went to cambridge – downing may ball 2015

At the start of the year we had an enquiry come out of the blue via our website. Cambridge university were putting on their yearly [...]

Incr – edible insect chefs around the world: Seb Holmes

Introduction - There’s been huge demand for Grub’s recipes; our kitchen can barely keep up, so we’ve asked some of the best edible insect chefs [...]

Living With Crohn’s Disease

I was 19 years old, taking a gap year before starting university, and about two weeks away from going on a lad’s holiday to Magaluf. [...]

The Grub Trail: Part 3

Back to school… - After getting beaten by the heat in Bangkok, I travelled north to the cooler climates of Chiang Mai. Thailand’s second city. [...]

The Grub Trail: Part 2

Thailand: my first taste - After two days of arriving in the far-east, on the Grub trail, I tasted my first bugs: crickets and grasshoppers. [...]