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Do you know your protein?

June 21, 2018

Which of these foods contain the highest percentage of protein?

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You may not have known this but crickets are edible and can contain up to 70% protein.

Which of these requires the least land to farm 1kg of protein?

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Soy being a plant protein requires the least amount of land use to grow, however, it is closely followed by cricket protein.

Which of these isn’t a complete protein?

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All of the above except for pea are complete proteins, containing all nine essential amino acids.

Which of these sources requires the most amount of water to produce 1kg of protein?

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Beef, by a whopper of a distance! To produce 1kg of beef it requires 22,000 litres, in comparison to crickets which just requires 1 litre of water.

Which of these has the highest iron content?

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Buffalo worms have the most bio-available (absorbable) iron, containing even more than sirloin steak.

Which of these contains the most Vitamin B12?

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Crickets contain the highest amount of the super Vitamin B12 (up to 31mg per 100g) in comparison to most meat and all plant proteins.

2 billion people already enjoy which of these foods?

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Trick question! All of these protein sources are enjoyed by at least 2 billion people globally, including insects which are consumed by 80% of our world's nations.

Do you know your protein?
If you can't tell, we're a big fan of insect protein...
And think you should be too! Not only are they a nutritionally complete superfood, they also require just a fraction of our planet's precious resources compared to traditional livestock. So, what are you waiting for: Join the tiny revolution!

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