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Top Five Edible Insects

March 7, 2018


You clicked on it, so here it is… our top five edible insects

5. Buffalo Worms

Buffalo worms come in with a fantastic nutritional profile, with 56% protein, and a dose of potassium, B5 and fibre. You can’t really go wrong then knowing they have a delightful flavour profile that can only be described as light and almond like which makes them a perfect addition to your smoothie or flapjack. You might also like to toast them with a bit of garlic and use to sprinkle on to the top of your salad.

4. Ants

The next time you have a picnic and Ants start to become interested in your food, you might want to think again before trying to get them away. Ants contain formic acid which tastes beautifully citric, and seeing as they can’t be farmed easily due to their incredibly complex ecosystem by which they live, foraging them is the only way to get hold of them. We don’t sell them but we’re lucky enough to have tried foraged sprinkled on banana. Delicious!

3. Mealworms

Mealworms as you can imagine are a bit Buffalo Worm like to look at, but in terms of both nutrition and flavour they are quite the opposite. Mealworms are 46% protein, and are packed with fibre and iron. Flavour wise these are far more oaty which makes them great for granolas, smoothies, flapjacks etc. We just can’t stop munching them here in the office on their own. Why not give them a go!

2. Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are a delicacy in Mexico, where they are known locally as Chapulines. Sun dried with seasonings and served as a tapas bar dish these are delicious. So delicious in fact that the Seattle Mariners serve them at every ball game, where they almost instantly sell out. High in protein (of course) at 48% they are also high in fibre and a source of Zinc which is used in the body in many ways, such as immune system control, blood clotting, wound healing etc.

1.  Crickets

These are our number one all around… incredibly high in protein at over 70%, but not only that they boast B12, high fibre, Omegas 3 and 6 , not to mention being Gluten free. Now you know why we call them the original superfood. Taste wise, because they are related to shellfish they have a very mild shrimpy flavour, which when toasted becomes a little nutty too. Perfect for seasoning and snacking on, or using in all kinds of culinary concoctions.

So there it is, our top five edible insects.