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Pioneers of protein

June 29, 2016

Liberation Foods was set up in 2007 by co-operatives of small-scale nut producers from around the ‘developing’ world. The co-ops got together to bring their lovingly grown and gathered brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts and macadamias to the European market. Our vision is a world in which small-scale nut producers can enjoy secure livelihoods and plan for the future. Like our friend at Eat Grub, we are pioneers. But that’s not all we have in common.

We have a common interest in adding our voice to the increasing public debate around sustainable protein – we fully support ‘The Protein Challenge 2040’ recently issued to business, government and civil society by Forum for the Future. The world cannot continue to rely on animal and fish derived protein to sate its ever increasing appetite. Nuts and insects are both delicious, nutritious alternatives that are so much easier on our precious planet.


It won’t be news to Eat Grub fans, but I was pleasantly surprised to come across the statistic that around 2 billion people in the world eat insects on a regular basis.  I was less surprised to find that the consumption is largely in ‘developing’ countries, such as Thailand and Mexico. My 14 years’ experience of working with small-scale food producers in the world’s poorer countries has shown me time and time again that we so called ‘developed’ countries may hog the majority of the world’s financial wealth, but when it comes to wisdom, we’ve lost our way. Where is the wisdom for instance in meat consumption in the USA being over 100kg per person per year? When nutritionists advise that we actually need less than one fifth of that. Liberation Foods and Eat Grub both know about learning from the less powerful and wealthy countries of the world and spreading the word here in the UK.

And the third and final thing that Liberation and Eat Grub have in common comes from the rather unlikely source of the Daily Telegraph. And the good news is that it’s edible! A delicious recipe for some chocolatey nutty cricket cookies – please give them a try and let us know what you think.

For the mixed nuts of course we have to suggest

by Kate Gaskell, Managing Director of Liberation Foods – farmer owned Fair Trade nut company