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Edible insects on Deliveroo?

November 9, 2017

In November 2017, it was our first time delivering Thai-style edible insect dishes on Deliveroo…and it went down a swarm. For just one week, we gave you the opportunity to try some of our finest insects without leaving your house. Whilst our chefs were busy creating dishes like Pandan Crickets and Insect Miang in a kitchen in Shoreditch, our North London customers were all waiting patiently in the comfort of their own homes, all set for our Deliveroo riders to knock on their door.

Instead of opting for their usual takeaway, our customers decided (quite rightly) to spruce up their midweek order and take a chance on the insect-infested dishes that we were offering. Ordinarily, you might not be too keen at the idea of having so many insects inside your home, but in this case, it was very much ‘the more the merrier’.

There was an opportunity to try mealworms, buffalo worms, crickets and grasshoppers on the menu in a variation of exquisite Thai food. It was described as a ‘night in with a difference’ and created a ‘real talking point’ amongst friends who were having a night in with a takeaway.

Here’s a little look at some of the things that we had on offer…


Crickets in Pandan Leaves

Soy crickets, gently roasted and marinated in soy and garnished with Thai Pandan leaves.

Grasshopper Miang Bites

This very special dish was one of people’s favourites. Alongside the insects, you’ve got peanuts, lime coconut, ginger, chilli and sour fruits in a tamarind, palm sugar and fish sauce caramel wrapped in a betel leaf.


Singapore Noodles

These noodles were lightly spiced with curried noodles and herbs.

Som Tam Salad

A Spicy green papaya salad with peanuts, green beans, lime shrimp, tamarind and fish sauce gave a fresh and tangy taste alongside the other dishes.

Red Curry Crispy Cricket Rice cakes

Served with Asian vegetables and sweet basil.


Salted Raspberry, Cricket and Hazelnut Brownie

Served with a sweet butterscotch sauce.

Eat Grub Natural Energy Bars

Made with cricket powder.

We’re fully aware of how delicious this sounds, so don’t panic if you missed out, we’ve got some more events lined up for you to try our extra special edible insects.